Picture Wall Inspiration

You can’t find the inspiration to create your personalised wall?
Or you’re in need of new ideas? We can help with that! At Art by Artig we have gathered various inspirational images that can help you put together your very own picture wall! We love creating modern gallery walls with Nordic posters that exude tranquillity as well as personality.

If you fancy creating a new picture wall, you might want to choose a theme. For example, a specific colour that serves as the main focus. You wish to have a gallery wall with a feminine touch? Choose pink shades and if you want to take it up a notch, mix them with neutral posters to create a peaceful environment – black and white posters for example or even text posters.

Black & White Posters

At Art by Artig we have a wide range of black and white posters. If you are into the more laid-back yet stylish interior design, black and white posters are you’re knight in shining armor. They exude peacefulness but without being boring. We have different black and white posters to satisfy any taste. For example, you can find black and white animal posters, zodiac sign as well as text posters.

Animal posters

Animal posters are very popular and can be found in most homes. At Art by Artig you can buy black and white posters with a drawn animal motif that fits perfectly with modern and minimalist interior design. These drawn animal posters are suggestive and can easily decorate a wall on their own or by matching them. An entire picture wall filled with black and white posters can oozes modernity – needless to say that less is more!

Text posters

Text posters are a must in any home! It is precisely with text posters that you can create a personalised picture wall. Posters with text are also good as a contrast in larger picture walls, where they create a mood of peacefulness so that the picture wall is not too flashy. For example, we offer star sign posters that are very personal and both work well individually or as part of a larger picture wall. You can also find the popular ‘Mr. Perfect’ and ‘Mrs. More Than Perfect’ posters that fit perfectly on the bedroom wall.